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Video Production

Our team of creative storytellers knows the way to write on to your audience, design within your brand guidelines, and communicate through a transparent process, ensuring your workload gets lighter and plenty more fun. With digital video content becoming the go-to medium for political marketing, the necessity for campaigns to utilize it to brand their candidate is bigger than ever. The YouTube revolution and therefore the subsequent introduction of smartphones with HD cameras means the citizen filmmaker can now be an important resource for campaigns. In our media work on behalf of campaigns, we’ve developed how to harness the amateur videographers into video strike force teams. We believe that a candidate’s videos must be more personal and direct to face call at a crowded social media landscape. We plan to capture the private sides of real people’s lives on film. the main target of our firm now’s bringing this authenticity and immediacy to campaigns up and down the ballot. We make epic, story-driven short films that evoke a powerful emotional response. Our firm has filmmakers and photographers who listen first, collaborate, then create. Today’s voters reject stock footage and faux stories. Our expertise team in production and post-production video, and photography, will tell stories generating real impact nationwide. We create a message the voters will answer, and you’ll be proud to face behind. They’re decidedly positive and aspirational and don’t fall under the negative tropes of recent political ad-making. The digs, once they do come, are subtle and smart and fewer sinister, largely leaving your opponents as ground noise on TV screens. the large growth of video networks like YouTube shows the importance of production house in our modern society. Our goal is to partner up with our clients. We learn who you’re, how you use, and ultimately what your viewers want to ascertain. We take you thru our proven process so as to make sure success. Our goal is to form the client we work with look awesome through the visible results you’ll see through a video project.

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