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Video Production

Our team of creative storytellers knows the way to write on to your audience, design within your brand guidelines, and communicate through a transparent process, ensuring your workload gets lighter and plenty more fun. With digital video content becoming the go-to medium for political marketing, the necessity for campaigns to utilize it to brand their candidate is bigger than ever….


The rise and adoption of the social media as a way of communication to develop and maintain social relationships has ushered during a new paradigm with numerous possibilities within the form of government. This application of core marketing concepts is applicable for winning elections and for nation building, whereby the communication and relationship between the political parties and therefore the…

MARKETING RESEARCH We at Medsol help our client in determining the viability of successive method or technique or policy through research conducted directly with the potential audience or general public. we offer you a bunch of dedicated professionals who bring back your research about the position of your party in any region or assembly constituencies or parliamentary constituencies. Not only…


We at Medsol optimize your site or landing page experience based on website visitor behaviour to assist improve the probability of the visitor taking desired conversions on your page. In today’s world, online traffic is very inconsistent. If you’re unable to urge visitors to enter your conversion funnel within the first go, the probabilities of them returning and performing the…


Our experienced team of experts helps you form a custom strategy to maximise your sales on the Amazon. we provide you a turn-key solution to market your brand and products on Amazon. With our integrated services, which range from product optimization to advertising to Store launches, we help maximize the rankings and sales of your products. Amazon’s marketing landscape is…

POLITICAL PROMOTION   India, a country where every decision comes with numerous choices. But consuming these ideas and methods is how people make decisions about many things in their everyday life-from what spread to shop for to what clothes to wear. Medsol aim at offering utmost political promotion to the candidate We at Medsol features a team of digital marketing…