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Whatsapp & Email Marketing

Email marketing provides an immediate reference to prospective voters. Voters are getting increasingly conscious of what makes an honest email interaction. We surveyed the fluent audience to measure their plans for political participation and overall attitudes toward email marketing efforts. We use Email Marketing to create a robust email list of opted-in supporters, craft an ingenious (but not blatantly misleading) subject line. We segment the audience supported demo and interest data and include relevant information on topics voters care about.

We use WhatsApp as a cross-platform mobile app that permits message exchange across different mobility platforms (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phones). Whatsapp marketing is comparatively new, but its popularity is growing increasingly larger, as more marketers and consumers are engaging with WhatsApp. within the past few years WhatsApp has become an increasingly powerful and influential tool for political campaigns. it’s going to come as a surprise that participation in large WhatsApp groups constitutes the bulk of online communication for several users. While WhatsApp helps the clients reach voters and constituents in areas that do not otherwise have access to the web , it also extends the reach and primacy of Facebook. WhatsApp is being deployed as a serious a part of the political process in India. We use WhatsApp as a strong tool for political campaigns thanks to several unique features of the platform like creation of groups of up to 256 people, generating large communities of close contacts, messages come on to the user’s phone, from known contacts, and thus feel ‘personal’, the immediacy of message delivery can create a sense of urgency about particular topics, it are often wont to penetrate rural communities that do not have access to other platforms, it allows political groups to mobilise supporters, it can allow immediate and direct involves action to spread virally. We use Whatsapp to spread legitimate information about clients’ activities and to make a seemingly ‘direct link’ between politicians and voters, to shape political dialogues, to organise and mobilise people around a standard issue, to spread misinformation or defamatory information, as a neighborhood of professional political marketing strategies. Information delivered via WhatsApp has greater impact than other platforms because it’s more penetration and appears to return from a reliable – or known – source. Unlike having 5,000 friends on Facebook, many of whom you don’t know face to face , WhatsApp messages come as personal single messages from specific contacts.

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