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We at Medsol help our clients in determining the viability of successive methods or techniques or policies through research conducted directly with the potential audience or general public. we offer you a bunch of dedicated professionals who bring back your research about the position of your party in any region or assembly constituency or parliamentary constituency. Not only can we provide our services to political parties but also media organizations that tap into psychology to predict electoral outcomes. we offer political research, voting tendencies, and sample polls through the gathering of knowledge at the ground level through questionnaires and the use of sophisticated statistical tools to extrapolate it to trends. We also prepare the questionnaire which can tap into voter psyche, accurate choice of key and swing constituencies, and use of best-suited sampling techniques and development of predictive models.

We provide undeniable research and analysis in political and public policy matters. we’ll provide precise and impartial projections which will facilitate any political candidate and his/her party. Our core team comprises of experts from various fields – marketing research, statistics and journalism. Statistical analyses of voting trends are now used in electoral campaigns in addition to development and politics. it’s not possible to win supported rhetoric. Campaigns must be supported by sound decisions driven by facts from the bottom level. We enable electoral success by telling you what’s on voters’ minds. we’ve many satisfied clients who are a sworn statement to our diligence and competence. We do marketing research with the assistance of primary information, or what has been gathered by our experts and employees, and secondary information, or what has been gathered by an outdoor source. We render our clients the Political marketing research that involves a good range of qualitative and quantitative, formal and informal methods for candidates, parties and governments to know the character of the political marketplace. Such marketing research is employed to know the attitudes, behavior, needs and needs of the general public then inform decisions about strategy, creation of the brand, policies, internal political marketing within organizations, and communication of positions with the view to tell, educate, persuade, change and reinforce existing views. We also offer qualitative methods like focus groups, co-creation, and deliberative research; quantitative types of research like opposition, candidate, and policy research; and informal tools like global knowledge transfer and use of public records and data. These quantitative methods include polling, surveys, segmentation (including voter profiling), and big data (analytical and experimental marketing).